Gold Pawnshop

Get The Highest Amount! Benefit from The highest appraisal of your gold! Get money or refinance an existing loan with the best terms!

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Gold Pawnshop

Gold Pawnshop with the Highest Appraisal of Your Gold!

Take a loan momentarily or refinance an existing one with the best terms at Swiss Capital Gold Pawnshop! Get the maximum amount with the highest appraisal of your gold! At Swiss Capital's wide branch network, you will receive the high quality service at your convenience.

How to contact Swiss Capital Gold pawnshop?

  • Request a call
  • Visit our Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi branches:
  • Call hotline at
    2 300 300

To get a loan at Swiss Capital Gold pawnshop:

  • You need Identification document/Passport proving the residency of Georgia

How do I repay?

You can choose your repayment plan!

Get a payment schedule tailored to your preferences:
  • Your monthly payment will cover your loan interest only,
  • or both - the interest and principle, simultaneously.


Can I make a payment remotely?

Yes, you can chose a remote payment channel at your convenience from the below listed options:

  • TBC Pay fast payment terminals
  • Mobile application "tbcpay mobile"
  • website - follow the link: Online Payment

Why Swiss Capital Gold Pawnshop?

Swiss Capital Gold pawnshop offers you the best terms, fast and convenient service! Visit Swiss Capital gold pawnshop today and be offered the maximum amount, and the highest appraisal of your gold! 

How will I repay?

You can choose a type of repayment schedule, which you prefer: annuity (you cover loan principle and interest with monthly payments) or simple (you pay the interest only, and the principle is covered at the end of term).  

In which cities can I get Gold Pawnshop service?

Gold Pawnshop is offered at Swiss Capital branches in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi. 

What is the loan currency?

We issue loans in Lari.

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