Auto Leasing

Buy a desired car today! Grace period for 4 months! Without Income Proof Requirement!

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Auto Leasing

Buy a desired car today!

Buy a desired car today, without income proof requirement! Take advantage of a 4-month grace period! Loan issuance commission and pledge cost - 0! APR 50%.

How to apply?

  • Apply for loan online
  • Visit one of our branches
  • Call hotline at
    2 300 300

In order to get auto leasing you need:

  • ID, Georgian Passport / residence card (Only person over 21 can apply for loan)
  • Tech passport of desired car

What are the terms of auto leasing?

  • Gift: Up to 200 GEL Insurance Voucher
  • Loan Payment: Monthly
  • Advantage: The highest car appraisal

Maximum duration of auto leasing is

72 months


What is needed to purchase a desired car?

  1. Select a car you want and fill out a leasing application at Swiss Capital branch, call center or online.  
  2. At Swiss Capital, you will be able to get necessary funds through a very fast and simple procedure. The required time for it will not exceed 45 minutes. 

What is the available currency?

The amount is provided in Georgian Lari. 

What is Car Leasing?

It is a product by which you can get money to purchase a desired car. The funded amount is up to 85% of its market value. 

How do I pay?

You pay both – interest and principle at the same time each month according to the contractual schedule.

What maximum amount can be funded?

The upper amount limit of Swiss Capital financial leasing is 100 000 GEL. 

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