Business & Agro Loans

Business and Agro Loan in 1 Day! Up to 100 000 GEL with any collateral! Up to 10 000 GEL without pledge!

Get Money for Your Business

Business & Agro Loans

Get up to 100 000 GEL Amount with any collateral!

Business and Agro loan up to 100 000 GEL within 1 day by Swiss Capital! Choose the most suitable type of collateral for you, or benefit from the most convenient offer and receive up to 10,000 GEL fast, pledge-free Business and Agro loan within 1 hour! Special terms for taxi drivers: Swiss Capital offers you financing your business needs in 1 hour, with up to 20,000 GEL amount and comfortable repayment conditions.

How To Get a Business Loan?

  • Apply for loan online
  • Visit our selected branches:
  • Call hotline at
    2 300 300

Most Flexible Loan Terms

Select a form of collateral and get the loan quickly:


  • Time of Approval: 1 hour
  • Loan Amount 500 - 10,000 Lari
  • Loan Term: Up to 60 months
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly

Loan Secured withAutomobile

  • Time of Approval: 1 Day
  • Loan Amount: Up to 100,000 Lari
  • Loan Term: Up to 72 months
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly

Loan Secured withReal Estate

  • Time of Approval: 1 Day
  • Loan Amount: Up to 100,000 Lari
  • Loan Term: Up to 120 Months
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly


What is business loan?

Business loan is a product by Swiss Capital, which is used, as an additional resource for your business development and repayment of other liabilities. Swiss Capital Business Loan gives you an opportunity to take advantage of grace period and start repayment after 3 months.

Who can take the business loan offered by Swiss Capital?

The business loan is accessible for individuals as well as legal entities who hold micro and small businesses. The minimum business experience period is 3 months.

How long will it take to process the loan application?

You will be able to get the approved amount in 1 day. In case you are applying for a Fast Business and Agro loan, or Business loan for Taxi drivers, you will receive the loan in 1 hour. 

What is the maturity of the business loan?

You can choose loan term between 2 and 120 months, depending on the loan purpose and loan amount. 

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