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Fitch Ratings rated Swiss Capital as stable and promising company


The world’s leader in rating and research, Fitch Ratings, assessed microfinance organization Swiss Capital positively and assigned to it status of 'B-'; Outlook Stable company.

It should be noted, that such high rating published by Fitch Ratings indicates the sustainable and stable financial position of Swiss Capital. The mentioned fact makes the company more attractive for investors and for other interested parties.

Swiss Capital effectively deals with risks and overcomes challenges existing in the microfinance field in Georgia. In highly competitive environment, Swiss Capital constantly continues successful operation and moves forward for further growth.

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The report outlined that the company ensured the intensive growth in 2014-2017, and the tendency continues.

Besides, the fact that Swiss Capital has high-quality assets and vast majority of its loan portfolio, namely 84% of loans, being secured was positively assessed. Fitch Ratings also highlights the company's high capitalization level as guarantee of its financial stability and a significant contributor to company's future development.

According to the management of the company, diversification of loan portfolio and financial resources are the strategic goals of Swiss Capital. In this regard, the rating score assigned to it gives the company rare opportunity for Georgian business environment to issue corporative bonds, which will be in line with IDR (International Depository Receipt). Swiss Capital will contribute to important process of development of country’s financial market through emission of bonds.

Why is this important?

Generally speaking, obtaining the Fitch rating evaluation means that the work of our company is transparent and any interested person is able to assure himself/herself in the potential and stability of Swiss Capital.

Fitch Ratings is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary and research.

Dedicated to providing value beyond the rating through independent and prospective credit opinions, Fitch's insights have helped investors fund a century of growth and make important credit judgements with confidence.

Swiss Capital operates in Georgia since 2010 and according to the current data, it is represented by 17 service centers and up to 300 employees across eight largest cities in Georgia.

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