Auto Leaseback

3-month Grace Period! 0% Issuance Commission and Pledge Cost! Without Income Proof Requirement!

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Auto Leaseback

Special Offer by Swiss Capital!

Get an auto loan up to 100 000 GEL at Swiss Capital, without income approval and benefit from a 3-month grace period! Issuance commission - 0%, pledge cost - 0 GEL. Effective APR - 50%.

How to apply?

  • Apply for loan online
  • Visit one of our branches
  • Call hotline at
    2 300 300

We will review your application and reply in 20 minutes
The whole procedure takes no more than 45 minutes!

The amount is issued to persons of over 21 year old age
In order to get an auto leaseback you need:
  • ID Card/ Passport/residence card of Georgia
  • A driving License
  • Tech passport of desired car

Terms of leaseback?

  • Amount: Up to 100 000 GEL
  • Financing: Up to 90% of car value
  • Term: Up to 72 months
  • Grace Period: 3 months


What is the available currency?

The amount is provided in Georgian Lari. 

How do I pay?

You pay both – interest and principle at the same time each month according to the contractual schedule.

Why should I use this offer?

Swiss Capital offers you the best terms to get up to 100 000 Lari in 45 minutes. Visit us, get our fast, comfortable and high-quality service and, most importantly, desired amount within 45 minutes!

When will I get the money?

You will get the amount the same day when you fill the application! It takes up to 20 minutes to review the application and since we give out cash and no transfer is required, just within 45 minutes you will get the money!

What is the maximum term for repayment?

You can choose preferred repayment period up to 72 months. 

Fill out the Auto Leaseback Application
It takes just 2 minutes