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Exchange Rates
  Buy Sell
USD 1 US Dollar 2.6630 2.6800
EUR 1 Euro 2.8670 2.8800
GBP 1 British Pound 3.3300 3.4300
10 RUB 10 Russian Rouble 0.2750 0.3100
Exchange Rates
USD 1 US Dollar 2.6790
EUR 1 Euro 2.8850
GBP 1 British Pound 3.3702
100 RUB 100 Russian Rouble 2.8884
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Currency Exchange


Are damaged foreign bank notes accepted?

Damaged foreign bank notes are not accepted. 

Is any document needed for the currency exchange service?

Yes, you will need to present your ID card or passport. 

Are there special exchange rates available?

Yes. For detailed information on the special exchange rates, please visit our branches or call the Swiss Capital hotline (032) 2 300 300. 

Which foreign currencies can I exchange at Swiss Capital?

Currently, it is available to convert US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound and Russian Ruble. 

At which branches can I receive the Currency Exchange service?

Visit Swiss Capital branches in Dighomi Massif or on Kazbegi Avenue. You can find the nearest branch on our Contact page