New Branch in Marneuli

Swiss Capital services are now available in Marneul!

Visit our new branch on #64 Rustaveli street and benefit from the convenient loan terms along with our comfortable service:

  • The fastest Business, Agro and Mortgage loans, with up to 11 month grace period 
  • Auto Loan with a 4-month grace period
  • Gold Pawnshop - Get the maximum amount, without damaging your gold
  • Fast Money Transfers in your preferred currency 
  • Currency Exchange with the best exchange rates


Marneuli branch working hours: 

 Auto Loan, Business/Agro and mortgage loans:  

  • Monday-Friday - 10:00-18:00
  • Saturday - 10:00-16:00

Gold Pawnshop, Fast  Money Transfers and Currency Exchange:

  • Every Day - 10:00-18:00