Promissory Note

Most reliable and profitable investment. Bring your money in Swiss Capital and receive maximum yield in GEL, USD and Euro.

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Promissory Note

Increase your capital with us!

Earn More - Get high Annual Yield and Stay Calm. Also, you are able to get interest rate in three different currencies – USD, GEL or EUR!JSC MFO Swiss Capital is not a licensed bank and light bank supervision mode applies on it.In case of its bankruptcy you may not refund your money.
An entrepreneur, except for a licensed commercial bank under Georgian legislation or non-bank depository institution - credit union, is prohibited to issue a promissory note up to 100 000 Gel for a private individual.

How can I invest in Promissory note?

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    2 300 300

In order, to invest in Promissory note:

  • You need Identification document/Passport proving the residency of Georgia
  • Investment can be in GEL, USD or EUR

What are the terms to get the return on my Investment?

Terms of Promissory notes:

Term Note
  • Is signed for 12, 18 or 24 month period.
  • The principal can be withdrawn only at the end of the term.

Yield can be withdrawn on the following bases, upon agreement:
Monthly, quarterly or at the end of the Term.

Money is transferred to your bank account.


What is Promissory Note?

A promissory note is a financial document in which the issuer takes the absolute responsibility to pay the determinate a sum of money together with interest. 

When can I withdraw the principal?

You can withdraw it as soon as the Promissory Note term is completed. 

What is the currency I can invest in Promissory Note?

Upon your choice - GEL, USD or Euro. 

How frequently do I get interest?

It is up to you - it can be monthly, quarterly,  annually or at the end of the term. 

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